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The degree between successful and bad website is often narrow. Within seconds, the visitor decides whether he wants to stay on the website or leaves immediately. A content-rich website can do just that, as well as one that offers only scant information. The reason is bad web design.

There are also some rules and principles on the internet that make good web design and therefore a positive image. A website does not have to look great graphically to convince the visitor. Even the presentation and some elementary controls are important to bind a visitor to their own website.

This article is intended to help you not only to make your website interesting to the visitor, but also to introduce you to important website controls. We’ll also show you what to look for when creating your website.


Markup is the backbone of a website. It is therefore the HTML code that ultimately brings the user the finished website in a design on the browser. Usually this should be flawless, but often mistakes are made in the markup. In this section we want to help you to turn them off or not to let them arise.


A valid page according to the validators of the W3Cs does not necessarily have to comply with the standards, and in particular be semantically structured. A semantic structure is the logical structure of an HTML document. This means that z. For example, headings explicitly as headings, as with the<H1>-Day, <H2>Tag, etc., and paragraphs are labeled as such. So there should be some structure in the markup.

This is particularly important for the accessibility of a website a crucial role, as screen readers, so programs with which blind or visually impaired read the site, the website better recognize and display the content correctly .In particular, this is also problematic in table designs, since screen readers try to “display” the website as a tabular listing.


  • Although often disregarded even by professionals, but still a common argument is the validity. This is the term used to describe compliance with standards, including HTML and CSS.The creators of these markup languages ​​are behind the W3C. Moreover, you can see on the page in the standards.
  • Adhering to the standards is important because you can achieve a reasonably consistent display in a variety of browsers, especially browsers such as Firefox but also Opera , Safari and Co., this is already very possible, but the problem child of Microsoft, the Internet -Explorer still has problems, even with correct mark-up .

How a document is to be checked, is specified by the author in the so-called “DOCTYPE”, this is probably the most common standard XHTML 1.0 Strict. The XHTML 1.0 Strict is, so to speak, the fixed syntactic of how to write the programming code.

Today layouts are no longer created in dusty tables, but with the CSS Box model. Firstly, the content is separated from the layout so that you can edit it clearly with little effort. Second, the required CSS file is loaded in the head. Surfing on the page is now faster because the CSS file is now read from the cache.

Various Power Tools For Internet Marketing Technique

SEO services are revolving as the most powerful internet marketing tools.  Although, this does not provide immediate results, this would give a long term benefits for the business.  The best internet marketing in Singapore is making more number of audiences for the business through increasing the internet traffic for the website.  Increase in the internet traffic would bring more business.  With a wider audience for the business, the business would have a good growth.  The best web design in Singapore would help to bring more and more internet traffic and make the business gain more business.   This service mainly brings in more new customers to the business through the website address.  But the customer should take care of landing with a good SEO service. Business would not grow or flourish through internet on just creating a website.  The business would thrive and grow only if the website lures more internet traffic.  The website which is having more number of visitors is said to be the best website.  For a website to have more number of common visitors the website should be popular and it should be listed in the top results of the search engines.  For a website to come in top of all the other competitors’ websites the website should fulfill the criteria of the search engines.

Search engines are not human but are software which could read the text and could check for the relevancy of the search with the content of the website and give it in the results page.  For this the keyword is the basis of everything in SEO.  The main and foremost duty of an SEO is to find out the relevant and mostly used keyword for the industry and the business which their client is into. There are various steps involved in SEO services.  The best online marketing in Singapore studies the business requirement then plans accordingly.  This marketing company does a consultation with their client regarding the website construction for new websites or modification for the existing websites initially.  Internet marketing professionals make keyword research and makes the more number of people land in the websites with the search results through their search.  The internet marketing professionals do a research on the customer base and find out the most frequently used keyword for the business.  Intention of approaching the best online marketing company is to bring the website in top of the competitor’s website in search engine results.
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